Formula B guarantees for the products and the
equipment with their brand, the absence of
structural defects.This is because before being
placed on the market, the products are regularly
tested to identify any anomalies. The warranty
covers normal use of the products and is understood as follows:

• The warranty period is of two years from
the sale date.
• The warranty covers defects in the product
but not attributable to incorrect or improper use of this equipment.
• The warranty does not valid for defects
caused by use of different or incompatible
power devices than those indicated in the
• The Formula B products are handmade with
high engineering standards. Possible, but
not desirable, defects due to construction
errors, will be repaired free of charge.
• Only the cost to delivery products to and
from our Laboratory for repair are to be
understood by the customer.
• Are excluded from the warranty: rubber
parts, knobs, and parts that wear out with
normal use.
• The warranty is void automatically if the
customer, without our written permission,
tamper with equipment in an attempt to
repair or to make changes or modifications
to the original product.

The respect of these obligations ended our guarantee.
We are exempt from any liability for any
damage direct or indirect, and any other title
with no exclusions or exceptions.