Vintage-Vibe Deluxe

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Go Analog Go Vintage-Vibe effect

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Our endless love for analog sound has led us to work on a legendary effect such as the "Vibe".
Used by tons of great guitar players since the late '60s, his particular chorus-vibrato sound can be heard in dozens of records, and has made history in albums such as The Dark Side Of The Moon.
Of course, our Vibe has a 100% analog circuit, and faithfully reproduces those tonal nuances. But we wanted to go further: we designed and built a custom made enclosure, which is not only damn beautiful, but you won’t find it anywere in the world.


Dimensions: LxPxH mm 165x105x55

Weight: 0,800 Kg

Foot Control speed Jack (see foot control pedal)


9Vdc 2,1 standard plug negative TIP

True Bypass Footswitch

Time Speed LED

Fender Style Power Bulb 

Chorus/Vibrato manual switch