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Gary Hurst Approved. The Original Tone Bender circuit in a mini Box.


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The original Tone Bender circuit in a MINI BOX. Gary Hurst approved. Powered by three nos germanium transistors. Row-fuzzy tone real vintage To reproduce the most famous sound of sixties rock bands as The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, the Beatles and more...

Some Benefit:

On/off Bright led

True bypass switch

DC jack 9volt In

Effects Data Base


Due to the design of this vintage circuit, these pedals work best placed first in your signal chain. These units do not work well with buffers or buffered bypass pedals going into the input of the Fuzz Pedal. This will cause the FUZZ to sound thin with a significant volume drop*

**These effects can be powered by 9v battery or with a standard Boss/One Spot style negative center 9v power supply**

***Please note that these pedals will not work in a power daisy chain with other pedals that use a negative center power supply. It will need its own isolated power source, either it’s own separate power adapter or it works well with a Voodoo Labs or similar power brick***

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