Eighty Master

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Twin-Channel Guitar Preamp Faithfully Recreates the Sound of Legendary JCM800 in a Pedal

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Are you ready to go back in time to that lustrous era made of spandex pants, crazy hairstyles and head-flipping guitar tracks? Well, you’re in the right place. The Eighty Master will take you back where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, but most importantly where the distortions are huge, powerful and ready to make your neighbor’s wall shake.

The Eighty Master is an harmonically rich and organic distortion that will respond both to the slightest change in your picking and to the volume knob of your instrument. Just by using the volume knob of your guitar it’ll take you from bluesy breakup, “Plexi-like”, overdrive sounds to high-gain Brit-style kind of tones. The Eighty Master is not “just” a distortion pedal, it is - in fact - an amp-in-a-box kind of distortion, with a full 3 band EQ set, a power scaling toggle-switch and a compression stage.